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Today is interesting for me. I never thought I will be writing two blogs in one day. Some times it is like this. You never plan and it happens. My book, Come-Travel With Me. I have quoted saying “life is a journey, one cannot plan or reserve tickets”. It is true. I have seen many managers in my life who plans and try to execute daily. Really… Does that happen all the time. No, Every one have to adjust here and there. Like that today, I did not plan to write this. But I am writing. Just like my book got written.

Every one might want to know my background or where I came from. I am born and brought up in India. Thiruvanathapuram is the capital of a southern state in India called Kerala. Beautiful place with great back waters. We call this state as “God’s Own Country”. Just like it states, it is truly a God’s own.

It says, sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu- Parsurama created Kerala by throwing axe across the sea. The sea moved away and the land formed. I have to admit that Kerala is so different from any other parts of India. It is truly a God’s creation. Luscious with coconut trees, one side protected by the sea and other side by the sahya mountains. Growing up there, I developed a palate for my love with nature.

In every blog I will try to leave a story for my readers. I admit this is not my creation. You can call this as a folk tale which is passed on to many generations in South India. This story has a humour to it. Whoever created this definitely has a great creative mind. As I always says and believes, we should create stories which can elevate ones state of mind to happiness. Or the stories should trigger ones mind to think positive.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva- The three supreme powers.  Brahma is the creator. Vishnu takes care of the world or in other words preserver. Shiva is the god of destruction.  They are also known as “Trimurtis”. They are married as well. Those who are married, they can vouch how that turns out. Saraswati- Wife of Brahma- also known as goddess of studies or knowledge. Lakshmi- Wife of Vishnu- also known as goddess of wealth. Parvathi- Wife of shiva- also known as goddess of power.

Just like human beings, Goddesses also gossip! Can you believe this. Well there is a saying “there is no questions asked in stories” So one day high tea time in heaven

Goddess Saraswati said- Our husbands think they are supreme and they can do any thing and every thing.

Goddess Lakshmi added- I agree. We need to do something. They are getting so arrogant these days.

Goddess Parvati said-” Look at the creation they create. No thoughts behind any thing. Banana tree once it is fully ripen the tree cannot hold its weight. Pumpkin is so huge and the plant is so feeble. Coconut tree is so big and the coconuts are so small. There is no beauty to any thing.

The three decided to create a beautiful tree. They perfected the tree with nice leaves, flowers and fruits. It was so perfect that no one have ever seen such a tree before. They told each other. This will teach their husbands a lesson. They invited their husbands to see the tree.

Vishnu and Shiva liked the tree. They thought their wives are not bad. Brahma looked at the tree and said” It is a great tree. How this will get reproduced” That is when the ladies realised they forgot that part. Their ego melted. They realised everyone has their own job and they should let them do it.

Brahma made a seed and put under the fruit. That is how the cashew nut is outside the fruit. Every other fruit in the world has the seed inside except the cashew nut.

When my father told this story, I did enjoyed a lot. I hope you also enjoyed this story. It is not a true story, but what attracted me to it is the creation of this. By reading this story, no one is going to be violent. Instead, there is some positiveness to it. It will bring a smile to any one’s face. That is why i am in writing now. I want to create this kind of good feel stories. Hope your time spend here is well spend. I apologise to any one who did not like this blog.

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