The Journey Begins

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I have to say this, Journey began an year ago. I was not so sure when it all started. Today I am starting a blog as well. I cannot believe myself, how this is unfolding in front of me. This creativity outlet is giving me the hidden pleasure. I hated books. You may think, why I am saying this over and over. It is true fact. I slept on top of books many times. This is definitely a huge deroute on my life.

I wrote a book. Yes, you all read this correctly. I did write a book. Now it is in allmost all the digital outlet out there. Droplets is the name of the book. The name I chose is to give readers a feel and invite them to come actually travel with me. The life I had in South India and pressures I had from the society and parents developed this kind of fear or hate towards book. After many years, some strange force lead me to pen a book. I still cannot believe it.

10 Droplets, I fondly named my chapters. These are literarly 10 droplets of my life. I call life as a ocean. It is never ending even though one day we die, our life still linger among our relatives. I am genuinely taking this effort to put out some thoughts to motivate people. My aim is to write positive and tell stories which can influence people in a good way. My father always says to me, It is not important what you make or what kind of position you are in. What is important is to become a good citizen….

I believe I am a great citizen. Please join me in this journey of postiveness. Happy world. Follow me on my amazon author page if any one prefer to do so.

Next blog will be about who I am and where I am from….. Thanks for reading.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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