Nuclear Family and Lack of Compassion

This topic, I am certain can induce a stir or much may express grief towards me. I have to mention, this is just my observation towards the society we live in these days. Every human being born in this world have parents. No one argue that. However, there is a shift in thinking these days. I want everyone to pause and think about it. You may wonder where I am going with this blabbering.

My parents took care of me. They sacrificed a lot to mould me and they are proud of what I have become now. I am doing the same for my kids. I am confident one day my kids will make me proud. Now what is the shift. I will categorise in to a few topics here.

1). Time

No one has time for no one these days. Have you seen youth these days saying, they are busy all the time? I have. Every one is becoming so much selfish these days. They all are running to conquer more. What happens when they do this, they tend to not take care of parents. It is sad. Let’s think this way, What if our parents thought they are busy and let us kids grow by ourselves? Are we creating a healthy environment? No. I see a lot of old folks in long term care facilities. They wait for their loved ones to pay a visit. No one come for days or months sometimes. This hurts me a lot to see. I think we are smart in creating a modern and sophisticated world. But we are forgetting our roots.

2). Privacy

These days privacy has more importance than relation. Children wants privacy from parents. Parents want privacy from children. This creates a lot of distance. No one knows each other anymore. This is not a good habit to create with the new generation. Increase in mental instability is due to this. I am not professional. But as an observer and a person who lived in a society where this kind of privacy problem never interfered, I can say I saw much healthier society than the one I live now.

3). Nuclear Family

These days every family comprise a father, mother and two kids. Where do you see grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins live together? It is extinct now. Reason above said “Privacy”. When you live together, you have more people to interact. Children learn social queue from home itself. There is no isolation. They are healthier than the nuclear family kids who sits in front of TV or tablets. I have to say, we created this. We need to change.

All the above got created because of selfish reasons. We wanted freedom. It is nice, but if we don’t use it wisely, we are creating a new generation with no compassion to their own. They all treat each other as individuals. It is scary and at the same time reality that we all will end up in care homes and wait for our loved ones to visit. They will visit if they can pen themselves down in their calendar and book a visiting time. If not we will wait and wait…. I know I told that I will write positive things. This blog can change a few people the way they think…. at least it is a start.

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