Respect Work

Well, It has been a few days I have not written any thing. I know myself that I am not a avid blogger. I am not well known either. But passion to write is there. This is some thing just triggered in me less than a year ago only. Why? Who knows.

Last two weeks I was not home. I was in Fiji. Great location to wind down and get some great energy back. Why I put this blog’s title as Respect Work?

This generation do not have any respect for what they do. They have this sense of entitlement. They come out of education thinking that they conquer the world and they want everything before they earn. I do not agree with that. I also do not agree that they are not trying to earn it. They just claim it.

I learned to respect my work from my parents. They always told me that if you respect your work half of your family problems will not be present. I believe in it hundred percent. My colleagues who always try to do short cuts always complain about their family life. I always tell them, show respect to what you do, everything else fall in place. The money we earn should be respected. Then only it will nourish you. Otherwise the food and the education you provide to your children will not nourish them. There is a truth to everything. Some people call it Karma….

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