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Hi everyone,

This is the link to enter to win a free e book of my first attempt. Contest starts on August 22nd and ends September 21.

Come-Travel With me: Ten Droplets

Thanks for all your support. Will come back with a blog in the coming weeks. For now this is just a promotion piece for my work.

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One who hated books

I am born and brought up in South India. Am I a writer? No. Am I trying to be a writer? No. I just want to give readers something to cherish. I see a lot of literature which can impact negatively on people. I want to write what is close to life. I mean real life. You will not see me writing anthing like a psychotic thriller or serial killer type of stories. I am not saying it is not talent. But I do believe in delivering something which can influence people to positivity. That is the reason why i am here.