Being a writer

When I started writing, I was not sure where I was going to go with it. Then it slowly started to grow in me. I wanted to write. Then finding time was not easy. Still not easy. Work, family and other chores always took importance and priority. Definitely not a bad thing. One should not leave all the above for writing. If they do, then they are not responsible to society. There may be many writers who have done that. This day and age, I do believe that we need to focus on our family first.

Many at times, I had great ideas, twists, plots comes to mind. I was told by many other writers, you need to make a note of it. The ideas may never come back. I still have not got that habit yet. I am working on it. I recently heard a movie director saying. He always leaves voice note in his phone. I think, voice note will work for me. I am sure, every writers adapt some unique ways, which works for them.

When my friends and family came to know about my writing. Lot of them asked me, how is it being a writer. That sparks me to write this blog. The first one for the year 2020.

I started this to get my mind off of things. That was the start. I find myself immersed in it and not to think any thing else. Slowly, it started to give me a lot of happiness. I get in to this strange world when i start to write. Right now I am working on a novel which is set in the year 1890 to about 1915. I get this rush when i create characters. I feel like I am living with them. More like seeing a movie. The characters starts to speak. They have their own attitudes which I start to see in front of me. I feel like, I am making them to say certain way OR at some times, I feel like, they are making me to believe that they will respond certain way. This is very unique. I love when that happens.

Some days, I sit and write for few hours. Some months I don’t touch. There are days, I cannot stop writing because the characters I created are in full swing. They are going through many traumatic situations. I feel like I have to rescue them. Then they get killed all of a sudden. You know, I live with them. This is what I feel being a writer. Strange isn’t it!!!

I do not think any thing else during that creative time. I relax myself. I do see myself rejuvenated once I finish about a thousand words. That is a huge reward. Reading back what I wrote so far gives me so much pleasure. Some days, I cannot even believe myself, that I have created such a bad character in my novel. How could I? That is the most funniest part of it all.

At the end, i have to say to all my readers, who wants to write. Just start. You will not be disappointed. Reward is not money, not fame. Pure pleasure of creating stories. I do not regret a bit that I started writing. Last year “DROPLETS” a memoir got published. Every one who follows me knows this.

This year Cutie Fox Went To Town will come out. An illustrated children’s book. I hope I can give you a good news by the end or middle of the year. There is a novel, I am working on it. I cannot reveal much about, But it is a period piece. I am sure, readers will like it.

With that, I encourage every one to read DROPLETS available in all major online sites. Leave notes, messages. connect with me. via Instagram, Facebook or Amazon author page.


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