The Long Road by Daniel Oliver – Review

The Long Road – As the name states, it definitely is a long road for those who suffer with mental illness. Not only for the person who is going through it. The people around them, who loves them, also suffers a lot. Hank Galloway main character in this wonderful novel by Daniel Oliver suffers a lot. His agony, frustrations and not wanting to accept that he has mental problems are all well narrated by Daniel. I have admitted many times that I hate books and I am not an avid reader. This book captured my attention and made me read from the beginning till end without much trouble. Definitely a quick read.

Hank’s relationship with his Grandpa Joe is amazing. His words “Only doing what you believe is your calling will bring you peace with God and happiness” I loved that sentence and I believe in it too. Relationship with his father is portrayed nicely by the author. Hank’s relapses with his condition, nervous breakdowns. Going back and forth with his fear and instability. The story has a great pace and will keep the readers interest from beginning till end.

Recently I have taken a first aid course for Mental health. I have seen some ups and down with my colleagues due to mental health. Even a suicide. This story of Hank is a must read. Helps people to understand what it takes to help them. At this day and age, everyone is so busy with their own lives, selfishness. It takes a lot to understand mental health issues. Supporting them is what makes a society grow.

Daniel effectively get the reader’s attention or in other words give a great message to parents how they should not behave in front of their kids. How much kid’s life gets affected? Parents relationship with kids should be nurturing. This book opens up a lot of conversation around that topic. Hank says he can give up his right hand for a different decent father. That sums up everything.

The Long Road is a must read novel. Daniel captures beautifully one’s struggles dealing with mental sickness. Definitely a 5 star rating from me.

Ajay Nair

Author of Droplets.


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