Lost in Images?

How often do you feel disarrayed, having scattered notions, and not feeling a grasp of the self, or more simplistically, to say felt lost?

 It happens oftener than it should, doesn’t it? We are breathing in a space where we have so much going on around us and we relate to keep us busy. And this can throw us off balance being in the excess, in the too much’s.

Our minds are constantly running. We either are continually thinking or we hold ourselves busy performing anything meaningful to us. And that’s where we suffer most of our vitality and can have us lose the touch with the self. Especially when we’re focused too much (consciously and subconsciously) on the impossible, the negatives, the dreads and challenges in life and enduring emotions that are fearful to us, for example, beings anxious, nervous and fearful in general and anything that causes breaking off our union with our absolute, essential self is called de-centering of the self.

Replant your “Self” back!!!

When you feel you are being stretched in many directions, when you feel dissociative, when you feel you’ve lost touch with yourself and when you realize you need to stop being mindful of the outside circumstances and start paying attention to what’s happening inside you, you’d know you’re de-centered or lost in images.

While we are de-centered, we become a self-that’s untruthful and unreal. This false self can project out of the non-positive thought processes, lived experiences and the challenges we are facing in the present moment and can have us believe like we are living with the original self. Living with this false self can be terrifying and not only affect us mentally but can physically too.

This is exactly where centering comes in and establishing the real, the original self again. Centering is gathering our spirit back to ourselves. Making us self-conscious of the potential we bring within us and owning yourself and your spirit back again. Choosing to let go of undisciplined self and replanting the sorted self.

Centering is nothing but assembling yourself again. It Is a process calling yourself/ your presence back to yourself. It is a practice of cultivating self-awareness and to retain your energy back.

Why you need to replant yourself? 

 While you center yourself, you energetically shed off everything that doesn’t belong to you. It is a treat to absorb in all the scattered good energy and drawing out all unrequired.

All those times when you’ve felt foggy, muddled in your mind, had scattered notions, been distracted or have felt having a troubled cloud-like formation of chaotic thoughts has been the reason of being not centered.

Centering can stimulate focus, create and restore your organizational strengths.

Techniques to consider. 

There are many approaches or processes you can perform to recapture the balance. Here I’ve discussed two, one being breathing and second visualizing.

With breathing:

You are allowing yourself to return to the center and as you breathe (you can choose the count you’re comfortable with) and call back the good energy and your original self-back to you.

 -with the first breath, you inhale, empty your mind. With a second, let go of the stiffness, relax your body and muscles. With a third, let go of conflictions that had you constantly thinking. With next breath, choose anything you want to give up. And if you do not have the list or if you find difficult enlisting you can say, ‘ as I breathe out I let go of everything that’s doesn’t serve me, I let go of all the energy that makes me unbalanced, I let go of anything that doesn’t work for me. Etc.’

With visualizing:

– as you’re breathing, visualize the bad, non-required energy leave your body and your body field. Anything, it could be an emotion such as fear, nervousness, any disturbance in mind and body, visualize it dispersing out of your center, your presence and gradually leaving your body field.

Once, you have emptied yourself off above. Visualize your energies and pulling them back together to their original place as we have scattered them. Center them in the heart or in the mind to draw your energy back to yourself while building a positive state of being.

Centering can be done anytime you feel scattered or out of balance.

Things to know before.

– center where you feel most grounded.

-You can center yourself in the heart or in the mind (the head). If you’ve been feeling burdened and have unbalanced emotions, reestablish yourself in the heart.

If you’re feeling out of control, less confident, or if you’re centering yourself to gain more control, it is advisable to center yourself in the head. Centering in the crown benefits crown chakra and centering in the heart benefits the heart charka.

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