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Silence that “little noise” in your head!!!

First of all, what is that voice? What is it called? and How damaging could it be for us?

Well, that little voice, that constant chatter that can make you feel absolutely worse about yourself has a name, it is called ‘inner voice’.

We all have these constantly running thoughts that wear us down. They make us feel worse about ourselves even when you think you are working terrifically fine. These thoughts and that constant voice inside our head can make you feel lesser about yourself. And if we let the voice get to ourselves, it can very easily make us depressed and unnerving of taking actions.

I have spent a good amount of time thinking about how not to think much or how not to have this negative voice, this overtime running unstoppable narrative invade my mind and how to stop thinking entirely worse about myself and start to think creatively and more positively.

For me, it hasn’t been a good journey. And I have spent a good amount of days inside my head unable to escape that false, negative narrative that keeps reminding me that I am not that good as I like to think I am.

I have tried and push myself into thinking positively but it never seems to last. And in the end, many times I had given up and just have that little annoying, depressive, toxic voice play itself out in my head and tell me whatever that it wants to tell me.

I knew I had to find a way to not let the voice invade my head in the very first place.  Clearly avoiding these thoughts, this toxic inner voice or not willing to listen to those degrading thoughts wasn’t enough and didn’t work for me. It unquestionably needed more efforts and a proper direction, it required a new kind of learning, something like a map, maybe a flowchart or number of steps that needed to be followed in order to get that voice out of my head.  And for this I started teach myself about the ways this could be done.

while I did so I learned a few things about our mind. There’s just too much we don’t know about our minds. And our mind is not the greatest leader and it loves to be directed. It loves following a new direction and so if you do not give it the finest direction that little voice will start to speak up again.

Now, mind me, that little voice can be very damaging. It can leave you feeling not so great about yourself, and it can tarnish your mind very easily being the biggest critique that it likes to think that it is. But the good thing about our thoughts is that “they’re constantly changing.” And in the process of having that inner voice getting silent this information is going to be the most useful.

So, these can be some ways or points to help get your head cleared up:

  1. Make a will – make a decision, a will to not to put up with that negative voice or negative thoughts.
  2. Stop spiraling – spiraling does more harm than a usual negative chatter. If you know what triggers these negative thoughts, you can easily spiral out.
  3. Be kind to yourself – don’t be hard on yourself. It is okay if you haven’t been the greatest. We can always be good at other things. Stop blaming yourself for the things you don’t have control over.
  4. Learn positive self-talk – realize that you are the one who’s in charge and that you have the empowerment over that negative chatter. Talk to yourself positively, look for ways that inspire you.
  5. Learn to love yourself more- one of the reasons you have that little voice telling you that you don’t deserve good things could be that you don’t think you deserve a lot. So, learn to love yourself more.
  6. Give less fucks to others- we as human beings are social animals. We care how others perceive and think about us. Choosing not to give enough care to people who doesn’t matter a lot will have you think and worry less and eventually your mind wouldn’t have a lot to obsess on.
  7. Learn to give a halt to your negative thoughts. Learn to distract yourself.
  8. Grow out of fear- Giving your life a bigger meaning, or having dreams and desires can elevate challenges in life. And failure can easily make us fearful. Letting go of fearfulness will make you feel more freedom in your life.

Our life is important than anything else and in order to give values and purpose to life we need to get that negative/ annoying/ toxic noise in our head to silent. Because what is more important than having a life is living a better life.

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