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What is the point of life? And why we must find it.

What is the point of life? I have thought long and hard about this question. Why is it that we are given a life? And how can we ever find the point of living it?

Some would argue that life is absurd and there is no point of life. And one should live it as it suits. The others would think otherwise. The question that I often ask myself is. Is it important to know the point of having a life at all? Or can we live without ever discovering it?

We are products of our environment, our surroundings, and our experiences. We are the result of our choices. What we live, is an echo of the decisions we have made in the past and will continue to make in the future. In order to make myself more familiar with the idea of living, I wanted to know and learn more about life and living. And furthermore, to know if I’ve done it wrong. It was curious to me, having so much in my life to live for, to be ambitious of, and to have goals and dreams.

Yet the question made me stop and had me thinking. What if there is no point to life? And we are all an accidental occurrence. And the only point is to live and die. And in the end, it doesn’t matter what we choose to do or not to do. This terrifies me. It makes me hopeless and sad. No way I would ever be living a life that has no purpose and no meaning.

But still, I can not deny the fact that life still exists. Just as that’s everything around us. Life is intricately connected to nature, the environment around us, and the dualities that we live in. To say, from the chill of winter, there is the warmth of summer, if there’s the death of a flower, then there’s a bloom. From the dark of the night, there’s the light of the day. To live with such dualities, I couldn’t avoid the fact that there could be a pointless life and also could exist a life with a point.

So, what is the point of life? Is it happiness? If it is freedom? Is it having a will of making choices? Is it going after whatever you desire and to truly achieving it? And what is it should we do if we have to find it? Is it written in any book? Or has it already been given to us? Hidden amongst us. Kept within ourselves.

The purpose of living rests within us. We do not have to look outside to find it. It has been within us all along. And to truly get the full sense of it, we need to look at our inner self. The finding of point of life is a process of learning of the self and coming to terms with letting go and emerging as new.

There are four aspects of a person: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual. As a human, we know so little about ourselves. We only know what we’ve been informed and educated. Through learning, we grow. Growth happens not just intellectually but spiritually and emotionally too. And to understand more about these aspects and how they relate to point of life and in its discovery. We must follow the steps below.

step 1 – Reflection and Realization

What feels bad and anxious instead of avoiding, reflect on the pattern. Sit with yourself and look for the event causing it. Observe the repetition of actions, habits, thought patterns that create inner disturbances. Certain things freeze us into a stuck-state. This can make us feel blocked and depressed. And eventually, can hinder taking the right step. Releasing these stuck emotions such as fear, anger, resentment etc. will help create a new space within us. In this space, we will find mindfulness and would realize our presence in the now.

step 2- Letting go and freeing yourself

Clear and let go of the unprocessed experiences. unprocessed experiences can be disturbing or distressing. These could be memories from the past or anything you feel that affects you badly. These experiences could manifest as limitations and can easily complicate our lives.

Changing harmful beliefs such as ideas or messages that we had learned early in our life may no longer work for us. They also slow down learning of a better meaningful life. Carrying such beliefs harm us subconsciously and need shedding. This will help us learn what we need to learn in the present than constantly battling the past. As humans, we constantly grow and learn to let go of such ideologies.

step 3- Mindfulness

Being mindful can help us form a new purpose and a new perspective. Once we are free of stuck-state, we no longer hold onto the older harmful beliefs. By doing this, we create a space where we can be open with ourselves. Now it is time to pay attention to the state of being active and being present in the moment. Meditate and allow yourself to be aware of your feelings and thoughts. Bring your presence into the living moment by shifting your thoughts from your usual self to present self. Move into the present and notice how it feels.

Our emotions are stored in the body at a cellular level. Mindfulness makes us identify these positive emotions and relocate us into a state of feeling lighter, focused. This prepares us to be more willful of accepting new experiences.

step 4- Accept the change

It is important to accept the changes you feel. You can track your progress if you want. The changes you feel could be staggering. Once you have gained acceptance and have embraced the changes you’ve made, you break free of the “stuck-state”. As we do this, we break open to accept new ways of living and learning about ourselves and about the point of life.

step 5- Don’t look at happiness as a paradox

What is it that happiness means to you? Is it fulfilling a dream? Is it having success? Is it being with the person you truly love? Is it having a family? Everyone has their own accounts of happiness. Pursue them! Be fearless into wishing for what you want and head out after it. Once you’ve released, let go and accept yourself as a being worthy of happiness, welcome it. Invite in anything that will have you believing again. Anything that is best to generate new emotions, produce compassion and develop inner fire.

step 6- New perspective

Once you have developed a want for happiness. You will now feel the need to move. You are at a point where you’ve let go of your older troubled self. It no longer serves you. Use this new-found energy as a foundation and head out for a new direction. Develop a fresh perspective and build a better life by creating a New Self.

step 7- Creation

Everything is a choice. Creation is a must. Do not search for clues. Be confident going after what you want to create. Over time, you’ll see changes happen. You will find life has evolved and have become more meaningful. This can be done in three little steps:

First: Keep creating more for yourself.

Second: Keep what you’ve created.

Third: learn to find pride in your work.

After going through these steps, you’ve gained a sense of who you are. You now know there’s always been a better self. And after identifying this self you have to allow yourself to evolve and grow into the better higher self is what the point of life actually is.

To keep creating and evolving is the truest point of living. Living a life where you truly know yourself. And to know yourself as a soul, as a human and to live with happiness and for exciting new experiences. Being a part of something bigger than yourself. Loving yourself and others. That’s the point of life. To actually live it. To experience “living”. To truly know the difference between just existing and living.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  ― Eleanor Roosevelt

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