True Friend

A Poem

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Lean on me to leach my blood
Call me a friend when you need
When in need call me in a hurry
Back stab when opportunity arises
Again, Call me as a friend when you need
Work became difficult at times
You climbed ladders using my shoulders
Don’t forget your path once you saw light
Remember sun always set one day for you too!
I will be here as your friend as always
My shoulders will be there for you to lean
Forgiveness is the path I practice
You need to learn how to see clear
Never forget your story
If there is no story, there is no you
Remember the day you were no one
Remember the ones who made you someone
Remember the souls who allow you to achieve
Remember them to drop a few words
When they need you, they need your support
They have already made their stories
A small help will make them smile
Push them down with your harshness
Their heart will not handle it
They saw your growth, but you didn’t see their heart

Support my humble effort. Thank you.


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