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I moved from India about two decades ago. Currently living in Delta, B.C with my wife and two lovely boys. I hated books when I was growing up and still not sure I started loving them. Hence the name of the blog “One who hated books”

My Story is very simple. I started writing to get rid of my stress. I found this venue lets me forget everything. The time I spend writing gives me great mental break. Then one day, I read somewhere about students in India committing suicide. The rate is very high and in fact highest in the world. I realized that I also had gone through tremendous pressure. I felt like telling my story. That is how DROPLETS took birth. Today I am happy that my story is read by many people and I am getting feedback from them. If I can change one family and save a child from committing suicide. I am blessed. I told my story the same way I felt when I was a kid. My mother cried a lot after reading my story. She never knew that I was going through such pressure.

Today, my kids also enjoy writing stories. They teamed up with me to write a children’s book. That moment I realized that, writing myself a book is indirectly sparking enthusiasm in my kids. I am proud to say, we worked together and today we do have a book in our name. Cutie Fox Stories- Birthday Surprise. Then one more story came after this. Cutie Fox Went to Fiji.

My great grand mother influenced a lot in my life. I wrote story based on her narration and her experiences. “One Woman Two Lives”. Set in 18th century south India. Will take you back in time, I promise.

My story will continue….. Only for positive influence…

Thank you for visiting my page.


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