FOMO- What is this?

FOMO- Fear of missing out. It is a new thing among new generation. Social media nowadays rule lives. This is condition nowadays. I have to say it is not good for mental health. Every one wants to be informed about everything every second.

I see people buried their heads on their gadgets while walking on the road. I always wonder, how come these people are so ignorant. They are missing a lot out in the real world around them. Even in sky trains, they do not bother to look outside.

When I was growing up, people watching and vehicle watching are done by every one. At least we were aware what is happening around us. These days no one really knows what happened just around them. They always want to be connected with social media.

If they don’t check this fear of missing out will take over them. For example, there is a party they all attended. Then they will post the pictures in social media. They all will like them and talk about them. What I don’t understand is why they have to talk about it when they all have attended this together. It is FOMO.

So people please enjoy nature atleast when you are out and about. Social media and your friends there will always be there. Enjoy the sun, Enjoy the flowers. Feel the wind, feel the rain. Smile at others who walk by. Say hello to them. Bring back the oldies friends. It is very important for our survival. We are creating people who only knows how to communicate over social media. Stop it. We can do that.

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Mata, Pita, Guru, Daivam

Those who have some connection to India will get the heading. If you don’t here it is

Mata means Mother

Pita means Father

Guru means Teacher

Daivam means God

That is the order I am taught to follow and respect. How many of us out there who calls God whenever there is a problem. I suggest, call you Mom. Her words and love will take away half of your misery. This Day and Age, we all are busy.
At work I see many of us go through hard days. I have seen many looking up and say why God why? I suggest calling your Dad. I am sure the experience he got in his life will give you solutions. He might have same circumstances in his life. He may be able to say Son or daughter, do this.

I have seen many times parents look up and say God, what will do, my kids are not listening. They are not doing what I like them to do. I don’t understand where I am failing. I am providing everything for them. I suggest, Call their teacher or your teacher. I am sure they will have the insight we are missing. They deal with them day in day out.

In my perspective God has given all the solutions we need. We are just ignorant and we just call him now and then. We should say thanks to him for his ways of loving us and giving the resources he provided for us.

Finally I want to thank God for helping me in my life and at the same time helping me to put together my book.

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Paying Respect to ancestors

Hello every one,

Today I am in the mood of salvation. The faith I believe in says, once we die we have a transition period to move to eternal space. I don’t know because I have never travelled like that yet or met anyone who have travelled. I wish I had that kind of power who can talk to spirits to find that.

Yesterday was the day in South India, everyone does pay respect to all their ancestors. The practice is simple, they all go to temple where a priest will guide them to do the rituals. One of the step is to feed the ancestors on this auspicious day. My parents both did the same yesterday. I had done this ceremony when I was in India for my Great Grand Mother, who I dearly miss. I do believe she is my guardian angel.

Today, I asked my father, why we feed ancestors only one day of the year? I asked that as a joke. To my surprise he had an answer which opened my eyes. At the same time he had logical explanation to it. I thought I should share this.

He told me when ancestor pass away, they travel to a place where 365 days earth days is one day for them. So for us humans we feed them once a year, but for them it is every day there. He also told me one day may be in future we may find that planet where they go. Just like now we know Mars days are not same as earths. So there is logic to it.

Those who read this may think I am crazy. But hey, You never know what we discover tomorrow or in the coming years. Many generations ago cell phone was not even an idea. They may have talked about it. Those days I am sure people believed that the idea is crazy. But look, now it is a reality. We may not find our ancestors living in that planet, But we could be finding a planet where one day is 365 days in earth.

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Morning drive. Going to work. Radio personalities I listen to have a heated discussion about “master dating” One asking other one

“Are you a master dater?”

I am thinking myself what does this even mean. Someone who dates a lot of people and keep them as a secret?… I was not sure what to make out of that question.

Then the revelation came. It is the new word for “Me”time. Every one I know always says about this. I wish I had “me” time just for myself. So according to radio people, master dater is someone who goes for vacation alone, who takes a walk alone, who spends time alone. I mean quality time just for themselves.

In other words take yourself for a date….

I loved this idea… What about you guys… Comment please. I think this day and age we always think about others. What about us guys…. Can’t we spoil ourselves at least once a month. I think we should.

Lets master dating ourselves… Get well….

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Taste of my book

At around 1 am…. I was asleep….




Someone is pounding so heavy on our door. I got up.

We were not certain who could that be. We forgot about the friend who worked for banquets. I grabbed a kitchen knife and opened the door.

He shoved me backward and got in suddenly he screamed at me to off the light and keep quiet.

I did not recognise what was developing.

When he shoved me I slumped down on the floor and I squatted there for a moment and everybody was very quiet.

Then we noticed a light outside. It was a bike or a car. I couldn’t make it to determine what kind of vehicle it was. I craved to ask him, what is going on….

He was just peeping at the vehicle outside through the window.

I have to mention, we must have squatted there for a good half an hour. I got up and inquired

“What Happened?”

He told me “Nothing”

I was like “What the hell was that then,”

He got mad at me “I told you to come with me to the banquets. Didn’t I?”

I responded “I am not ordered to go. So how can I work with you?”

He continued “Next time, you better hold back,”

I looked at all the other roommates and we all are confused.

He ran inside and changed. Then he came out. We lost our sleep anyhow.

We opened a bottle of vodka and sat down. Time was after one am. We had a few drinks. Then we took a walk out to the helipad.

My friend stopped me “What if that individual is still out there?”

I got mad “Why don’t you explain us what took place?”

Then he said what happened………

After banquets he walked back. He was alone and disturbed at the same time. We all know we should not be hitch hiking with anyone until unless we recognize who this person is.

There was a group of people who got infected with HIV, gave other people virus. So their main plan of spreading the infection was to hitchhike with someone and inject the driver with the tainted blood. Or give a ride to people and while driving inject them.

We well knew of this and we never hitch hiked.

On that day, he was very scared, and he wanted to get home. A guy with the motor bike went past him once. Then he came back again. He drives past him again.

The third time, the driver asked my friend

“Where are you going?” Do you want a ride?

My friend did not reply.

The rider went forward and halted. He remained for my friend to get near him.

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Respect Work

Well, It has been a few days I have not written any thing. I know myself that I am not a avid blogger. I am not well known either. But passion to write is there. This is some thing just triggered in me less than a year ago only. Why? Who knows.

Last two weeks I was not home. I was in Fiji. Great location to wind down and get some great energy back. Why I put this blog’s title as Respect Work?

This generation do not have any respect for what they do. They have this sense of entitlement. They come out of education thinking that they conquer the world and they want everything before they earn. I do not agree with that. I also do not agree that they are not trying to earn it. They just claim it.

I learned to respect my work from my parents. They always told me that if you respect your work half of your family problems will not be present. I believe in it hundred percent. My colleagues who always try to do short cuts always complain about their family life. I always tell them, show respect to what you do, everything else fall in place. The money we earn should be respected. Then only it will nourish you. Otherwise the food and the education you provide to your children will not nourish them. There is a truth to everything. Some people call it Karma….

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Nuclear Family and Lack of Compassion

This topic, I am certain can induce a stir or much may express grief towards me. I have to mention, this is just my observation towards the society we live in these days. Every human being born in this world have parents. No one argue that. However, there is a shift in thinking these days. I want everyone to pause and think about it. You may wonder where I am going with this blabbering.

My parents took care of me. They sacrificed a lot to mould me and they are proud of what I have become now. I am doing the same for my kids. I am confident one day my kids will make me proud. Now what is the shift. I will categorise in to a few topics here.

1). Time

No one has time for no one these days. Have you seen youth these days saying, they are busy all the time? I have. Every one is becoming so much selfish these days. They all are running to conquer more. What happens when they do this, they tend to not take care of parents. It is sad. Let’s think this way, What if our parents thought they are busy and let us kids grow by ourselves? Are we creating a healthy environment? No. I see a lot of old folks in long term care facilities. They wait for their loved ones to pay a visit. No one come for days or months sometimes. This hurts me a lot to see. I think we are smart in creating a modern and sophisticated world. But we are forgetting our roots.

2). Privacy

These days privacy has more importance than relation. Children wants privacy from parents. Parents want privacy from children. This creates a lot of distance. No one knows each other anymore. This is not a good habit to create with the new generation. Increase in mental instability is due to this. I am not professional. But as an observer and a person who lived in a society where this kind of privacy problem never interfered, I can say I saw much healthier society than the one I live now.

3). Nuclear Family

These days every family comprise a father, mother and two kids. Where do you see grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins live together? It is extinct now. Reason above said “Privacy”. When you live together, you have more people to interact. Children learn social queue from home itself. There is no isolation. They are healthier than the nuclear family kids who sits in front of TV or tablets. I have to say, we created this. We need to change.

All the above got created because of selfish reasons. We wanted freedom. It is nice, but if we don’t use it wisely, we are creating a new generation with no compassion to their own. They all treat each other as individuals. It is scary and at the same time reality that we all will end up in care homes and wait for our loved ones to visit. They will visit if they can pen themselves down in their calendar and book a visiting time. If not we will wait and wait…. I know I told that I will write positive things. This blog can change a few people the way they think…. at least it is a start.

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More about me and a story.

Today is interesting for me. I never thought I will be writing two blogs in one day. Some times it is like this. You never plan and it happens. My book, Come-Travel With Me. I have quoted saying “life is a journey, one cannot plan or reserve tickets”. It is true. I have seen many managers in my life who plans and try to execute daily. Really… Does that happen all the time. No, Every one have to adjust here and there. Like that today, I did not plan to write this. But I am writing. Just like my book got written.

Every one might want to know my background or where I came from. I am born and brought up in India. Thiruvanathapuram is the capital of a southern state in India called Kerala. Beautiful place with great back waters. We call this state as “God’s Own Country”. Just like it states, it is truly a God’s own.

It says, sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu- Parsurama created Kerala by throwing axe across the sea. The sea moved away and the land formed. I have to admit that Kerala is so different from any other parts of India. It is truly a God’s creation. Luscious with coconut trees, one side protected by the sea and other side by the sahya mountains. Growing up there, I developed a palate for my love with nature.

In every blog I will try to leave a story for my readers. I admit this is not my creation. You can call this as a folk tale which is passed on to many generations in South India. This story has a humour to it. Whoever created this definitely has a great creative mind. As I always says and believes, we should create stories which can elevate ones state of mind to happiness. Or the stories should trigger ones mind to think positive.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva- The three supreme powers.  Brahma is the creator. Vishnu takes care of the world or in other words preserver. Shiva is the god of destruction.  They are also known as “Trimurtis”. They are married as well. Those who are married, they can vouch how that turns out. Saraswati- Wife of Brahma- also known as goddess of studies or knowledge. Lakshmi- Wife of Vishnu- also known as goddess of wealth. Parvathi- Wife of shiva- also known as goddess of power.

Just like human beings, Goddesses also gossip! Can you believe this. Well there is a saying “there is no questions asked in stories” So one day high tea time in heaven

Goddess Saraswati said- Our husbands think they are supreme and they can do any thing and every thing.

Goddess Lakshmi added- I agree. We need to do something. They are getting so arrogant these days.

Goddess Parvati said-” Look at the creation they create. No thoughts behind any thing. Banana tree once it is fully ripen the tree cannot hold its weight. Pumpkin is so huge and the plant is so feeble. Coconut tree is so big and the coconuts are so small. There is no beauty to any thing.

The three decided to create a beautiful tree. They perfected the tree with nice leaves, flowers and fruits. It was so perfect that no one have ever seen such a tree before. They told each other. This will teach their husbands a lesson. They invited their husbands to see the tree.

Vishnu and Shiva liked the tree. They thought their wives are not bad. Brahma looked at the tree and said” It is a great tree. How this will get reproduced” That is when the ladies realised they forgot that part. Their ego melted. They realised everyone has their own job and they should let them do it.

Brahma made a seed and put under the fruit. That is how the cashew nut is outside the fruit. Every other fruit in the world has the seed inside except the cashew nut.

When my father told this story, I did enjoyed a lot. I hope you also enjoyed this story. It is not a true story, but what attracted me to it is the creation of this. By reading this story, no one is going to be violent. Instead, there is some positiveness to it. It will bring a smile to any one’s face. That is why i am in writing now. I want to create this kind of good feel stories. Hope your time spend here is well spend. I apologise to any one who did not like this blog.

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One who hated books.