Leaders Should change

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Throughout my career, I have got guidance from many leaders. Some leaders stayed with me even though they have done with their careers. Those were the ones who are open to change. The ones never stood out, even if they are so good in what they do are the ones who did not accept change. I am almost closing towards three decades in leading various teams. Leadership 101 I learned is to trust your team. You hired them to do the job. You should let them do.

What I am trying to say here is, We all have our own ways to get the job done effectively. My father used to say you want to go from A to B, whether you walk, you run or take a bus. It doesn’t matter, as long as you get there eventually in a timely manner matters. Same thing here at work, If an employee is doing a chore in a certain way and it is not to your liking, trust that person to do that job. As long as the job is done with quality and we meet safe practices. You should be good to go. Those are the leaders. They will let their team grow with them.

These days we all communicate via email. If you have an employee who writes an email longer than your liking. Do not push that employee to change his way to bullet point form. This will hinder his thoughts. He may not find it easier for him to convey his thoughts. He will miss valuable points. As a leader, read that email regardless of the length, because this employee put effort in that communication. If you constantly try to change this employee, he will soon or later stop communicating. He will wait till things fall apart for you to fix or he simply moves on to next job. Another point to be noted her in this scenario. He or she may finish the lengthy email in 10 minutes, compared to bullet point format. Here this is not his or her strength. He or she will doubt how to write and wastes valuable time to convert a simple email to bullet forms just to please the boss. On the other hand, if the boss is complaining, that he or she doesn’t have time for long emails, then that shows his interest in this particular employee. This is not a leadership quality.

Guiding a person is different than changing a person. Do not change their strengths. You are the leader, you should change according to needs. Let them perform in their turf at its best. Involve with them with the same passion they show. You will have a great team to support you back.

Answering calls is an important part of leadership. Everyone is busy and employees know that. If a leader continues to let his calls go to his voicemail over and over, then this shows he is not taking the calls. Soon or later, this becomes an annoyance. Employee will not bother to ask any questions. There are many times an employee need support right away from his or her boss. He or she understands if they cannot get hold of them once a month, but if this is a recurring issue, Leader will be considered as ignoring the staff. They will not feel the support.

Answering calls is an important part of leadership. Everyone is busy and employees know that. If a leader continues to let his calls go to his voicemail over and over, then this shows he is not taking the calls. Soon or later, this becomes an annoyance. Employee will not bother to ask any questions. There are many times an employee need support right away from his or her boss. He or she understands if they cannot get hold of them once a month, but if this is a recurring issue, Leader will be considered as ignoring the staff. They will not feel the support.

Life Lessons- Part One

Dear Friends,

This is my journey ofcourse. I want to be useful to society in many ways I can be. Yes, I am a law abiding citizen. I do try to give good positive thinking in a creative way here and there. I felt that I should do more. With that, I have started this You Tube channel. Very simple pattern. No video gimmicks with lots of fancy edits. Just raw me and my thoughts here. I will try to bring one story at a time to inspire you with life lessons. If you like, Please continue to watch.. Every Sunday new video will be out. Short and simple. Thank you.

How to make money? – Simple Steps

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Every one has this thought at least once in their life time. How to make money? I mean easy money. There are many You Tube videos giving us step by step guide on how to make money. Or simply saying, follow what I have done,you will be a millionaire. If that was easy, We will not have poverty in this world. We won’t have hunger. In fact we will not have different class of life. People still fall to idea of making money with out much work putting towards it. People don’t think when they hear the word “Money”

I will say this, most likely this post I am writing may attract the most traffic generating one. Just because of the heading. If not, I am being proven wrong and I will be the most happiest person for being wrong here. This shows our society or at least my followers are not after “Money”. Please don’t get me wrong here. Of course we need money to survive. To provide for the family etc. We need it to live not to hoard them.

I came from a community where generations after generations they accumulate so much wealth for their future generations. They live their own life not living it to the fullest. I have seen families in huts with millions in their banks. What is the point? This type of people don’t know how to live and provide. They always worry about future, thereby forgetting to live.

There is only one way to make money is hard work. Make use of that money you earn to provide knowledge for your kids. That is wealth. Teach them, make enough for their existence and anything extra use towards economic growth. Don’t hoard it. It may not come to anyone’s use. Don’t follow any rich dad poor dad type of videos OR any step by step process out there to make quick bucks. This will not last and will not give you freedom.

Heading says simple steps. Here is my step and only one step.

HARD WORK and RESPECT your earnings. Do not jump because your neighbor bought a Rolls Royce. Stand tall and be happy. Your wealth is your health and you are the richest when you have good health. Cheers. Live happy fellows. Live happy.

Conspiracy theorists- Shame on you.

This month is weird in all shape and form. Everyone who was behind Covid now comes to term with new norm. We tend to stay away from each other. We are no longer in hugging relationships. There is a hesitation in human affection. Yes. Folks we have changed. My mind is blank these days. I sat down many times this week to pen. Nothing came to my mind. This is strange for me. Last two years I have written, I never had this mental blank stage. I always had topics to write. Is this because we are not experiencing the life like before?

My father told me once, A good writer is one who have many life experiences. They view life in a different angle than the ones who had less struggles to tackle. I did not understand until now.

I have seen many people putting out content just to speculate. Is covid real? Hey guys, people died because of this disease. Do you really need to know personally a few died in order to believe. I don’t understand why even argue. I heard radio hosts calling out to people to report back if they have known personally anyone who got Covid or died. Strange isn’t it. All these speculations when whole world is struggling. There are many people out there, who lost their livelihood because of this. Not a joke for us to make content on this one. This is not fair.

I heard one nurse called back to radio and she was furious. She went through hell to help people who had Covid. This is not easy once you get that disease. Yet, people and conspiracy theorist keep on making content on speculating. I am bit upset with these people. Yes, this has changed us a lot. We need to find ways to come out of it. Our economy has been tested to its limits. It will take many years to recover. Do not waste time on un necessary thoughts. Use your brain to help the society. These speculations are a waste and will not help society.


Man I saw first- A Poem.

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I saw him upside down for the first time

Colorless and rough voice he carried

Carried me around showing some shapes

Disappears for a long time during the day

Evening he shows up again

Routine made me yearn for his rough voice

One day my world turned upside down.

I heard the same rough voice

I felt safe when I am in his hands

I didn’t know why he carried me around

I didn’t know where he disappeared during the day.

One day the word came out of me “dada”

He is the pure form of love

My father.

One who works or takes Credits?

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I heard from someone today. There are two types of people. One who works and other one takes credit. Who you want to be?

For me, I want to be the person who work. You know why? There is less competition with this group. You are like minded. The other group always wants to takes credit from other people who work or bring ideas. They will compete each other to claim the work or Ideas others bring to table. Let me tell you one thing, here, I am also kind of doing what the group I don’t want to be in. The line I heard above is not mine. But the lesson I learned from the question is big. So I would like to put some work here to make this easy to relate to. I will not claim any credit for the question in discussion here.

As a leader, It is very easy to sit back and take the credit of the team themselves. Lot of people tend to do this unknowingly.A true leader will work hard and walk with the team. Credit will be given to the team as well.

Same thing applies, Some leaders support their subordinates with all their power as long as they are working together. The day they move to a different part of the company,the leader will not even talk to them. This gives the employee a big doubt in their mind “Did my boss used me to move up the ladder?” That is not a good motivation spark for the employee. There are many times leader may have to re enter the same department due to organizational changes. Then that dynamic between the employee and the leader will be struggling for sure.

Leaders are not born, they are born through hard work. Motivating others and guiding others to succeed with out fear is what makes the unique strong leader. They will have followers. They will last long. Showing that soft side of vulnerability will take you to higher stands in the mind of employees. So who are you? One who works or one who takes credit? Food for thought here.

Note from my Son

Father’s day today. We all love our father. Regardless how they are. Many father son relationship are rocky. At the end of the day we do love our father. They have a strange bond, one cannot explain. We need to feel it. Today, myself and my lovely wife clearing my son’s last year school folder. She came across the following note, I would like to share here.

He is thirteen. I know his handwriting is horrendous. LOL. I am very proud that he sees what I never thought I am delivering it to him. The mistakes my parents did and I struggled to adapt may be helping me to be a good father. Here he says, I am important for him because of the life lessons I give. I am not sure what I have conveyed made him to think this way. As a father, I am blessed to see this. He also sees his mother as a person to share his emotions. As a mother, she should be proud of this acknowledgement from her son. I pray we all stay the same as we are now. This dynamic is important and I couldn’t keep this to me. Will be selfish not to share his thoughts here on Father’s day.

As an adult we may not find positive notions. I see my son is teaching me a bigger lesson here. He is saying that his brother makes him laugh at times when he is mad at him. How many times we can practice this as an adult to manage emotions when someone is mad at us?

This is the best Father’s day I have experienced so far. Many reasons. This note we discovered from a pile of his work is a sweet surprise for me. This is not something he wrote for father’s day, he doesn’t even know we got this note today. This note will stay in my heart on a very special place. This could be a project in school where they asked him to write about special people in his life. What touched me the most is why I am important to him. Most of the time, I see kids write their father plays with him, take to movies etc. This is sweet. Really sweet.

onewhohatedbooks is introducing Elena Van Peborgh as a regular guest blogger. She will be sharing her thoughts on our guest page every Sunday.

Finally our You Tube channel with book trailer of my first book DROPLETS launched today.

What more a father can ask on a Father’s day? You tell me…. I am content. Watch the trailer here. Thank you.

Two Announcements- Very Excited

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Hi Everyone,

Onewhohatedbooks blog is growing. I am excited to announce that we will be hosting guest bloggers very soon. I am happy that this venue is growing. First post by guest blogger will be on Fathers day June 21.

We are also launching our Youtube channel on the same day. Just like blogs here, you will be able to see variety of thoughts and poems. Please tune to the channel on June 21st if possible. To see book trailer for Droplets.

I cannot say how much I am excited and which all venues are opening up for me these days. I hope I can connect with each one of you through many mode of mediums.


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