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  • Superstitions

    I grow up hearing and practicing a lot of superstitions. I have to say I believe in them. Reason is simple, it is engraved in our breath. We followed it religiously. Our parents and grandparents made sure we practiced them. Nowadays many years living outside country, I find these superstitions we believed back then lost…

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  • Suicide- Students in India

    I am so lucky….. You know why? I could be one of the stats from India. Daily one student suicide because of the pressure they go through. Can you believe it? It is true. I have been in this situation. Hey, I can say this much. I never thought of taking my life. I did…

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  • Inviting everyone to join the DROPLETS task force.

    Dear friends, I want to invite you to join DROPLETS book launch task force! A book’s success depends a lot on word of mouth and grassroots marketing, so the purpose of this force is simple. LET’s be real here. I am not a well known writer or famous. I am asking everyone to help me get the…

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  • Journey of my book Droplets

    I am compelled to write this today. I am positive that this will inspire many others who are on the way to write a book. Or, even starting their own blog. Whatever they are trying to do. One thing I learned with this process is. Never stop because of others. You stop only if you…

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  • Perspective on life

    Today I happened to listen to a motivational speaker. Listening to him, I felt like sharing his words here. Not exactly his words, but the message is same. I got different angle of looking at life today after I listened. It is eye opening. He asked the following questions one by one. You are born…

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  • Free Book by Amazon for US residents only. Enter to win.

    Giveaway for my book with Amazon for US residents only.  

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  • Mental health day

    October 10- Mental health day. I wanted to write this on that day, however time constraints did not let me do that. Radio show I usually listen to stated that 500,000 Canadians miss work due to mental health problems. That is a quite large number. The problem I see is that most of them don’t…

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  • Birthdays.

    I don’t like birthdays. Simple. I have many reasons. What is so special about coming to this world? You see a lot of issues just because you are here. You see pain and sufferings just because you are here. You wish you have control on certain problems, just because you happened to be here. Your…

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  • FOMO- What is this?

    FOMO- Fear of missing out. It is a new thing among new generation. Social media nowadays rule lives. This is condition nowadays. I have to say it is not good for mental health. Every one wants to be informed about everything every second. I see people buried their heads on their gadgets while walking on…

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  • Mata, Pita, Guru, Daivam

    Those who have some connection to India will get the heading. If you don’t here it is Mata means Mother Pita means Father Guru means Teacher Daivam means God That is the order I am taught to follow and respect. How many of us out there who calls God whenever there is a problem. I…

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