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  • the gone time!!

    Poem by Ananya Agarwal Why did you lose me? Here in earth and heaven Never will my love reduce for you The long days or the never ending nights, The dreams of being with you Wanting to hear you out Or rather having the time we used to. From irritating to gossiping From fighting to…

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  • Introducing Ananya Agarwal- Guest Blogger

    Why am I here? Let me start with a brief of who am I? I am an eighteen-year-old from Mumbai, Ananya Agarwal. I have just completed class 12th and enrolled in Chartered Accountancy and Bcom Hons from HR College of Commerce and Economics. Being a book nerd, I believe in hard times like Corono. When…

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  • Introducing Aswathi Ashok- New member to our Guest bloggers

    “Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”                                                                                               -Khaled Hosseini I truly believe that stories can be a great way to learn a lot of things in life in a more interesting way. All of my guest blogs will mostly be fantasy – fictional short stories,…

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