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We are individuals who share similar kind of thoughts. One thing in common, we are writers. We write books to inspire thoughts. We encourage youth to imagine and explore themselves. Be a free spirit.

Elena van peborgh

Guest Blogs

I am from Belgium. Author of Dragon Dream. I will post my guest blogs here every Sunday. I am excited to be part of this,conveying my thoughts and process of my new books in the making etc. You can get in touch with me through my contact form on my website:

Himani Rani Kadam

Guest Blogs

I am Himani Rani Kadam. I am from Gurgaon, North of India. I am an aspiring writer. I’ve been working on my book, Cursed Endeavors.

On the, I will be writing self-help, how-to, creative writing, creative reading, developing efficiency and lifestyle blogs. so, any of these topics interest you, you are all-time welcome. Follow me through my medium

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