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We are individuals who share similar kind of thoughts. One thing in common, we are writers. We write books to inspire thoughts. We encourage youth to imagine and explore themselves. Be a free spirit.

Lakshmi Priya

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Hello All,
I am Lakshmi Priya, your new guest blogger for the year 2022. I am a native breed of Chennai and an avid reader of both Tamil and English books. I am a little partial towards genres like history, mythology and humor. I have a blog, where I post my thoughts about the books that I read on a weekly basis. Feel free to browse through my blog. I have recently written a book , a humorous contemporary fiction titled ‘Millennial Kumar gets married at last’. Do check it out and share your thoughts.

Instagram: @lakshmipriya1807



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I am Aarthi from peaceful and picturesque southern town of Srirangam.  I currently am in b-school doing my MBA.  I initially started reading only as a gimmick.

When I was in 6th grade, I barely read anything beside my text books but told a couple of fellow kids that I do like reading fiction.  To prove that lie true, I pretended to finish ready a whole harry potter book in 45 minutes and what surprises me until today is the fact that they believed it! But, I started reading here and there to maintain appearances until I became a regular at my local library and eventually become an actual reader! All is well that ends well! Too cliched? Never mind! 

Fun fact : I have recently published a poem collection titled ‘Naked soul : In the garb of words’! 


Himani Rani Kadam

Guest Blogs

I am Himani Rani Kadam. I am from Gurgaon, North of India. I am an aspiring writer. I’ve been working on my book, Cursed Endeavors.

On the, I will be writing self-help, how-to, creative writing, creative reading, developing efficiency and lifestyle blogs. so, any of these topics interest you, you are all-time welcome. Follow me through my medium

Aswathi Ashok

Guest Blogs

I am really excited to be a part of  as a guest blogger. Here I’ ll be focusing on writing short stories and also on why I love writing /reading so much, you can also expect a few book recommendations to inspire the reader in you. So if you love reading short stories with a spooky touch to it and are up for some bookish blogs, don’t forget to follow my guest blogs here that I ‘ll be writing every third-fourth week of the month.

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