One Woman Two Lives

Literary Titan Silver Book Award Winner- One Woman, Two Lives, is an emotionally-charged saga with insightful commentary on family life. The novel questions the concepts of fate and destiny and highlights the caste system constraints many women were subjected to. The simple structure, authentic characters and vivid setting combine to make Ajay Nair’s novel an enthralling read.

” A beautiful tale with strong women characters who, through their determination and intelligence, bring justice to people they love. Striking subplots, well sketched characters. Read this to witness the power of fate” – Best Selling Author- Chirasree Bose.

“An intricate story full of twists and turns will leave you guessing what coms next. Splendid!!!”.  –Best Selling Author- Rooprashi.

“Ajay Nair writes a fascinating depiction of the struggles and oppression faced by women in India’s long standing caste system. A vibrant and colorful read, the book’s characters come to life in this story of love, loss and loyalty”. -Author Karen Dosanjh.

Gabriel Constans5.0 out of 5 stars Thank You Great-Grandmother for Your StoriesReviewed in the United States on July 4, 2021This is a sad and inspirational story, which still has a lot of relevance in many parts of the world. Class and racism in southern India, in the 18th Century, was literally set in stone by separating people and families by their cast (or station in life). Though illegal nowadays, it is still prevalent and widespread. We must thank the author’s great-grandmother (Nalinavilasam Bhavaniamma) for telling him stories when he was young, which he transformed into this novella (told in three parts). The tale reminded me in many ways of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, though in this case it focuses on Kelappan and Lakshmi. Well told, with many insights into society, the pull of love, and the influences culture and family expectations have on individuals and groups.


5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating read!Reviewed in Canada on March 19, 2021Verified PurchaseA compelling story about the importance of family bonds, led by strong female characters. Bhavani’s struggle against the oppressive caste system and her desire for justice show how truly fierce a woman she is.

Zak C.

5.0 out of 5 stars An Excellent History LessonReviewed in Canada on April 20, 2021Verified PurchaseA very interesting read into the history of 18th century India. Captivating characters, each with their own unique journey.


coolforever5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Portrayal of Growing up in India

Reviewed in Canada on January 13, 2020Format: Paperback This writer has written a series of vignettes of how it was like growing up in his part of India. He describes, with vivid detail ,his cultural background through it’s various nuances. And you feel engaged as he does speak to you as he is telling you how it was a special lifestyle filled with intrigue and emotions.You either make it or break it when faced with the challenges that he faced. He has proven that life is like a ticket through a journey. Bravo!

5 stars Great Memoir highlighting the challenges of students in India!!!

Reviewed in Canada on October 10, 2019Format: Kindle Edition Pressure on students are actually killing them. Parents from India should realize that and support their wishes. Rather than imposing what parents want their kids to achieve. This books is a perfect memoir to open the eyes of parents. I feel for the author. At the same time, People should realize India has the highest rate of student suicide due to pressure from schooling and higher studies. This book should be noticed. Surprised there is no reviews yet.

 Cristie U, Reviewer

This memoir captured the emotions that author felt when moving to a new country perfectly. He had to contend with strict parents, little money, and other issues and captured those moments brilliantly in this fish out of water memoir. The honest writing makes it easy to empathize with him.  

 Sarah D, Reviewer

This memoir conveyed the feelings an experiences so well that it not only made me empathize with the author it shed light and understanding on a perspective and experience completely foreign to me. Plus it was extremely well written  

 Heather B, Reviewer

Droplets is a short and emotional memoir. This is a interesting and unique story that shows you the writers hardships. Great read.   

 Michael C, Reviewer

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A book describing effectively the difficulties of moving to a different country with a different culture. The author wrote in a way that made it easy to relate to his feelings and experiences.  

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