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Cutie Fox Went to Town

It’s a special day at Cutie Fox’s house. It’s his dad’s birthday! Cutie Fox wants to buy some flowers to celebrate, and he ventures off to town. He has never been here by himself before, and all of the cars and the big buildings overwhelm him.

Cutie Fox finally finds a flower shop and makes his purchase. But he can’t find his way home; he is afraid. Cutie Fox does the only thing he can think of, something he saw on television. The little fox learns some important lessons about the choices he made today.

With sight word exercises included, this picture book for children shares the story of one little fox and his big adventures in town.


Life is a journey; one cannot plan or reserve tickets.

Droplets is a short memoir of persistence and perseverance, derived from the culture shock of moving from the southern part of India to Canada. Ajay Nair shares how he survived a strict parental upbringing, why he hated books so much, and his struggles with running out of money, living in a railway station, and travelling without food.