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One Woman Two Lives

One Woman, Two Lives is an Award Winning multigenerational saga set in late 18th Century Southern India. It follows the struggles of the women in one family as they fight to deal with the oppression of the caste system imposed on them, both by society at large as well as from within their own family. When a tragic betrayal results in the death of her sister, suicide of her mother and financial ruin of her father, young Bhavani will have to rise above the expectations and traditional role imposed upon her in order to take revenge and restore honor to her family’s name.

Nalinavilasom Bhavaniamma, Ajay’s great-grandmother, inspired the creation of Bhavani in One Woman, Two Lives. Growing up hearing stories from Nalinavilasom Bhavaniamma about the “untouchable era” days sparked empathy in Ajay toward what earlier generations had experienced, as well as opened his eyes to what women were still fighting. Ajay, himself, witnessed many times where low-caste women and men were treated differently and he never understood why. The weight of Nalinavilasom Bhavaniamma’s stories stayed with him as he grew older, and he knew he needed to share this story. Everything from Bhavani’s fighting instinct to her deep love for family was inspired by Nalinavilasom Bhavaniamma.

Cutie Fox Stories- Birthday Surprise

Cutie fox wants to surprise his father on his birthday. Will he succeed? Read his journey and his adventure on this lovely illustrated book.

Cutie Fox Went to Fiji

Fiji, a country in the South Pacific is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. It’s famed for rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons. Cutie Fox and family went to Fiji for a wedding. This book will take kids through their wildest imaginations of cultural activities Fiji has to offer.

Celestial Poems

Collection of twenty poems elevating ones senses through the ups and downs of life. Love, depression, loneliness. All these valleys of life captured in poetic imaginations.
You will feel the pain when you read “Flip my skin”, at the same time you will fall in love with “I call her Rose”.


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