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  • Droplets-$0.99 Cents Book promotion

    Those who know me and are following don’t have to hear this over and over. About my book. DROPLETS. I got many author friends who told me writing is easy, but promoting that work is very hard. I agree with them now. I have not promoted my work daily. I got many advises from my…

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  • Life is a puzzle -A poem

    Puzzle pieces laying around random Slowly putting them together day by day We start our journey somewhere random Not knowing where or how to solve Looking back some see the story unfolding Some don’t see the story ever Mystery everywhere for some to look back Happiness sprouts here and there to cherish One day you…

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  • When you leave your country!!

    Two decades ago, I left my country. I am now settled and well established both career wise and personally. Beautiful family. I am proud of it. Deep inside every immigrant who are now on my stage will have the same thoughts. I like to share this, so next generation who are planning to follow my…

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