Future of Arranged Marriages in India- Thoughts to Ponder!!!

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What is the future of arranged marriages in India?

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What does the future of arranged marriage look like in India? With a younger generation becoming more and more involved in the decision making process, is the future of arranged marriage something that will be fading away?
With globalization and the internet in our lives, things have changed. People have become aware of the world and the culture of other countries and they are now much more open to the idea of love marriage. With the rise of social media and the changing tide in the country, a lot of people have started questioning an arranged marriage’s relevance in the modern day. In fact, a recent survey suggests that over 90% of the youth today would not be comfortable with an arranged marriage. Why is that? The survey says that the reason why today’s youth would not be comfortable with an arranged marriage is because it leaves no room for love to blossom. The survey has been out for quite a while now and it seems that it has sparked a lot of debate among the Indian youth.

Are arranged marriages really as bad and unacceptable? I don’t think so. Anyway, I’m not here to start a debate on arranged marriages. I’m here to talk about arranged marriages in today’s world and their relevance in the lives of millennials.

What does modern society say?

If arranged marriages are really bad for modern society like the survey suggests, why is there still so much talk about arranged marriages around us? Why is it still so much in favor? Why it is still widely practiced in India?
Well, for starters, it’s a tradition and we all should respect it. It’s not a bad thing. One thing I’ve noticed is that the youth of today is more understanding and open to the concept of arranged marriages. It’s actually pretty thoughtful of your parents to want to make a good match for you and to try and protect you from heartbreak. A lot of my friends are open to the concept of being introduced to a stranger and getting married to him or her. I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback from the people of my generation.
There has been a huge evolution in the process of arranged marriages. There are different and innovative approaches today for groom/bride selection, engagement parties and marriage ceremony. A lot has changed from what an arranged marriage was in our grandmothers’ times. Today, it is more of a mutual decision between families, than an outright arranged marriage.
I’m sure the traditional arranged marriage is still very much alive in India. It still exists in Indian culture and the younger generation are pretty okay with it too.
When people think of arranged marriages, they often think of a marketing gimmick for matrimonial sites. But it is much more than that. An arranged marriage is a serious commitment and it will stay strong in the future, too.
The idea of arranged marriage is as old as time itself. In the Indian subcontinent, they are still a popular practice, and it is only getting more popular with the passage of time.
There is no doubt about the fact that arranged marriages are here to stay…

In conclusion, be it love or arranged marriage, all that matters is the life ahead of the couple. So, as long as you stay together refusing to give up on each other, all marriages will end up being perfect…

Life can be Foggy at times…


Day before, I was driving to work. I haven’t seen that much fog in my entire time here at Vancouver. I took a few pictures on my way (of course not while driving. LOL). My thoughts went around it and found a beautiful positive twist to it. I always love when I get positive vibes. If I can find something to relate or help others through my random thoughts. I will. Here it goes.

I cannot see much in front of me when I was driving. I could hardly see a few meters. Did I stop driving? Did I get scared and parked the car? No. What I saw is when I drive slowly forward, the images get clearer and clearer. I could see. The point is, Same as our lives. We all had our bad days. If we stop pushing forward, we will stay in our status quo. We cannot improve ourselves. Same as future, we cannot see, but what we can see is right now. So if this “right now” is clear to you, why you want to worry about the future?

“Fogg about our FUTURE will clear by itself if we move forward with clear sight of NOW” – Ajay Nair

I am going to quote this above sentence now and then. For me, it gives us a message. Nature itself showed us the message for a long period. As usual, we never saw the message, or we failed to interpret the nature’s signals. Foggy days are a perfect example. Never stall your life worrying about future or past. Just like Fogg clears up, as we move forward driving, same as our life and future will visualize.

The pictures I took, I will share here. The images are not clear due to Fogg, but what you can see can be considered as “NOW”. It is very clear and beautiful too. It gives us an obvious interpretation. What is behind the Fogg, is our future. Walk with head held high, future will come in front of you clearer. I love it and I hope I am sharing this to some of you who may love it too.

Thanks for reading. If you agree, please share, read my books, blogs and poems. Love you all. Remember, Fogg is not here to stay…Stop fogging up your mind with thoughts related to future and see clear what is NOW.

Can we Call that as love ? A Poem

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Four letters we name it with passion

People try to have it all the time

Agony and misery trying to achieve

Can we call that as love?

Touch we feel the warmth of love

Smell we feel the fragrance of love

Closer we feel the need for love

Farther we feel the pain for love

Can we call that as love?

We know we need to survive with love

Yet, we don’t preserve while we have love

Take it for granted we lose for ever

Abruptly we find love in the universe

Can we call that as lover?

We lose again for many reasons we create

Nature shows humanity a lesson daily

We call ourselves the most civilized

Yet we behave like animals with no reason

Can we call that as love?

Compassion for others stays in our words

Day and night talk about love in vein

Yet we show only anger and resentment

Possessiveness takes over our clouded minds

Can we call that as love?

Clear the clouds with love for others

Create the society we want for our kids

Tomorrow a better day to dream with love

Stay with me for the better days to come

Can we call that as love?

Embrace the new beginning we strive

Love is the only answer to begin life.

The power of love we need to believe

Change the universe with the invisible power

Can we call that as love?


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Past is Bucket of Ashes

Living “Now” is what worked for me. I have tried many times to think about past etc. It doesn’t give any thing fruitful to me at all. Yesterday I was listening to one of the legends from South India- Mohanlal. We call him “The Complete Actor”. People love him so much and consider him as an elder brother they never had. They call him “Etta” means older brother. Everyone with out any age difference calls him Etta. He told in an interview that he consider past as a bucket of ash. Nothing else. I loved that.

What is point in thinking about past all the time? Live now. Be happy. If you think about past you are not living now. If you think about future, again you are not living now. So this is what a lot of people nowadays do. They worry about future. They complain about the past. One thing they are not realizing is today will become past for them tomorrow. If we don’t live now and be happy, you will never create happy past. Or future!!!.

I have not written in a few weeks now. I thought this is a perfect way to get back to my writing. I always want positive thoughts in my messages. I hope you loved it. Thanks for reading.