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  • My Next projects Cover Reveal

    Hi literary lovers. I am very excited today to finally reveal my cover designs for projects which are lined up for release in the coming months. The dates are not solid yet. But I will try my best to get this out for you all to read by the month I have outlined below. Cutie…

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  • Toddler thoughts- A poem

    Cannot sit idle at one place Got games a million around me Got movies a ton I can watch Got cartoons a lot I can access Cannot sit idle at one place I am bored because, “I am” Monkey brain dancing all the time Want to do something fun and crazy Don’t know what to…

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  • time to change… A Poem

    Through the window panes everyday I see the world in front of me smiling What changed, I wonder everyday Blue skies and white clouds still there Trees and flowers still there swaying Why this sadness I wonder everyday World is as beautiful as it was then and now There is change I feel inside everyday…

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  • Pre-Order Cutie Fox (Children’s book)

    I am very proud today to announce this to the whole world. My younger sonwho is six years old gave this character to life. “Cutie Fox”.One morning on the way to drop my both kids. I asked them to share stories.Reason was simple, I just want them to behave and not fight. They both thoughtabout…

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