Maya- An Illusion

Story from India
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“What is Maya?”, One day Narada asked Lord Krishna. Krishna knowing Narada, he knows simple explanation will not satisfy him. He needs explanations with experience. Lord Krishna said.

“Narada, walk with me. I will explain what is Maya”.

They both walked for a long time. Krishna did not talk a word. Narada got puzzled by this behavior. However he did not ask Krishna what he is doing. They kept walking. Soon they could see desert land.

Krishna stopped and said

“Narada, I am parched. Could you please go and fetch some water for me? I cannot walk not even a step with out some water.”

“Lord Krishna, Don’t worry. I will got and get water for you.”

Narada left looking for water. He walked and walked. In desert land, he couldn’t find any well or water source. However, after two hours, he found a village. He quickly went towards village. He saw a beautiful young lady by the village well.

“Oh beautiful young lady, could you please give me some water” Narada asked.

“Sure sage. I can.”

Narada drank water as he enjoyed her beauty. He couldn’t take her eyes away from her. He decides to follow her home. He watched her walking in to home near the paddy field. He walked in and saw her father outside cleaning the front verandah.

“I am Narada- celestial sage. I wanted to marry your daughter.”

Knowing Narada who he is, the father did not say anything. He agreed to give her daughter to Narada. Only one condition he put forward.

“One who marries my daughter should stay here and take care of my land and agriculture. I will not live long. Do you agree, then you can have her.”

With out any hesitation, Narada agreed to this condition. They got married. Years pass by, Narada had two kids. He took care of land and agriculture. His business grew and they lived happily. Soon one monsoon, the flood came and took away all his possessions. Narada tried to rescue his wife and kids. Flood current took them away from him.

Narada started crying so loud “Oh lord, how can i live now. My kids, My family, My house… All gone.” he couldn’t stop crying. Soon he felt some one touch his shoulder

“Narada Look around, nothing happened. What you just experience is Maya. It is an illusion. You never left this place. Look, I am here, you are here. You never got married. Nothing happened. Hope you understand now. What is Maya…”

My Next projects Cover Reveal

Hi literary lovers. I am very excited today to finally reveal my cover designs for projects which are lined up for release in the coming months. The dates are not solid yet. But I will try my best to get this out for you all to read by the month I have outlined below.

Cutie Fox went to fiji

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COok with no rules

“Recipes and tips to spice up your boring wraps” The tag line says it all. Book is to help and create healthy wraps with Indian flavor to it. Target to motivate younger generation to eat healthy with more vegetables to their diet. This wrap fillers are all cooked, no raw vegetable. Packed with flavors to explore.( Aiming to release Dec 2020)

Trust me- One Woman two lives

Torn by many society practices, Lakshmi landed in to safe hands of Kelu. Many years later trouble looms around her past. Daughters both suffers through the system of untouchable anarchy. Losing her mother and sister in one day, Bhavani is all set for revenge. Can she step up to her brother in law? Trust Me- One Woman Two Lives is an emotional roller coaster with many lives entangled in danger and true blood relationships. (Aiming to release March 2021)

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Salute to Female leaders

Mothers day is this month. I cannot find a better time to say thanks to the care and dedication these ladies put out to keep us safe. These female leaders today show the world that they care. They stood tall. If you look at the stats, we can clearly see how they helped the world and society. Why women did well during this pandemic times? How did they lead the team to success, better than male leaders? Only one answer I have is they have motherly instinct and love for fellow beings engraved in them. They don’t see economy or business in everything. They see the well-being for people, their children first. I don’t have a lot of research behind this post. If I opt out any leader by mistake here, I apologize.

Angela Markel- German Chancellor

Tsai Ing-Wen- Taiwan President

Jacinda Ardern- Newzealand Prime Minster

Katrin Jakobsdottir- Iceland Prime Minster

Sanna Marin- Finland President

Mette Frederiksen- Denmark Leader

Globally under these female leadership their countries did well in fighting this nasty virus. They were able to guide their citizens to march with them. Why do you think this was able to achieve? Mother’s love. They do have this passion and empathy. They seem to have endless love for their citizens well being. Also they do have great work ethic towards goal. Mothers don’t give up easily. They fight for the well being of their children. If they are leaders, they will do the same. We saw that during this pandemic times. Numbers don’t lie. Look at the above listed countries. They took action and stick to them under these female leadership. Their stats will show us, how they managed. One thing I saw difference with male counterparts. These women took it seriously and did the action quicker than any others. They did not write off the seriousness. They urged the citizens daily to stay in course. They never give hopes to people that we will open the economy. Instead they only gave the assurance of a mother “If we do this together and fight by staying home we can come out of this” None of the above leaders gave false hopes. Instead they daily came out and told us the after effects, if we don’t follow. Just like children we listened to these strong Female leaders. Taiwan now even started exporting essential goods to other countries. Why? They were most successful in this fight. They are not only doing good for their country. Now they are helping others by staying safe in their own.

On our home front here in Canada. Dr. Theresa Tam showed tremendous leadership. Canada did way better than our closest boarder. We have Dr. Bonnie Henry who lead us in British Columbia. Her speech every day was so humble. She showed so much empathy towards this crisis. We could sometimes even feel that she is going to cry. How can we not listen to her, when she is dedicating so much for our well-being day in an out. Dr. Deena Hinshaw from Alberta also show tremendous leadership efforts here in fighting corona virus.

I am not saying Male leaders are not good. There were a few leaders who did well here with this epidemic as well. Nerendra Modi, Indian Prime minister did great work with the country. The population is so big that strict measures needs to take place. He did take necessary action to stop the spread and it is working. Newyork Governor Andrew Cuomo did stand up against all odds that country is facing. He was so vocal against president.

I just want to say again. Thank you for doing what you all did. We need leaders like you. Hope we will see many more Female leaders in the future. We need their calmness, love, patience, empathy and passion to serve mankind.