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  • Gandhi Jayanti- October 2

    Born as an Indian, one can never forget this date. Can we? In our blood, brain and cells, October 2 etched on us. We die with this date on our hearts too. Proud to be Indian, just because this personality was born in India. Many of us learned a lot about his teachings during our…

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  • Leaders Should change

    Throughout my career, I have got guidance from many leaders. Some leaders stayed with me even though they have done with their careers. Those were the ones who are open to change. The ones never stood out, even if they are so good in what they do are the ones who did not accept change.…

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  • One who works or takes Credits?

    I heard from someone today. There are two types of people. One who works and other one takes credit. Who you want to be? For me, I want to be the person who work. You know why? There is less competition with this group. You are like minded. The other group always wants to takes…

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