Money- A Poem

A curse to mankind
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Happiness a fake stage of life
Health not a reality in life
Safety just an illusion in life
Future just a hope in life
We live now for money
Money- A curse to mankind
No time for family
No time to sit and relax
No time to call your parents
No time to take a break
No time to listen to your kids
We want to conquer all
Money- A curse to mankind
Can you give nourishment to your kids?
Can you give love to your kids?
Can you cuddle a little with your kids?
Can you enjoy the nature with your kids?
Who you are rushing to defeat?
Who you want to prove?
Money- A curse to mankind
Pause, rewind a little to see what you left behind
Your happiness, your health, your kids
You bank is full now, but no use for you
No money can buy you health
No money can buy your kids love
No money can buy you companionship
Look around and cherish what you have
Pause a little, live a little, enjoy a little
Money will one day make you lonely
Money will leave you one day
You will leave this world as you come
Money- A curse to mankind
A realization I learned by observations
I am free now and content
You can also be free and content
Once you realize Money- A curse to mankind!

Future of Arranged Marriages in India- Thoughts to Ponder!!!

Blog by Lakshmi.

What is the future of arranged marriages in India?

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What does the future of arranged marriage look like in India? With a younger generation becoming more and more involved in the decision making process, is the future of arranged marriage something that will be fading away?
With globalization and the internet in our lives, things have changed. People have become aware of the world and the culture of other countries and they are now much more open to the idea of love marriage. With the rise of social media and the changing tide in the country, a lot of people have started questioning an arranged marriage’s relevance in the modern day. In fact, a recent survey suggests that over 90% of the youth today would not be comfortable with an arranged marriage. Why is that? The survey says that the reason why today’s youth would not be comfortable with an arranged marriage is because it leaves no room for love to blossom. The survey has been out for quite a while now and it seems that it has sparked a lot of debate among the Indian youth.

Are arranged marriages really as bad and unacceptable? I don’t think so. Anyway, I’m not here to start a debate on arranged marriages. I’m here to talk about arranged marriages in today’s world and their relevance in the lives of millennials.

What does modern society say?

If arranged marriages are really bad for modern society like the survey suggests, why is there still so much talk about arranged marriages around us? Why is it still so much in favor? Why it is still widely practiced in India?
Well, for starters, it’s a tradition and we all should respect it. It’s not a bad thing. One thing I’ve noticed is that the youth of today is more understanding and open to the concept of arranged marriages. It’s actually pretty thoughtful of your parents to want to make a good match for you and to try and protect you from heartbreak. A lot of my friends are open to the concept of being introduced to a stranger and getting married to him or her. I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback from the people of my generation.
There has been a huge evolution in the process of arranged marriages. There are different and innovative approaches today for groom/bride selection, engagement parties and marriage ceremony. A lot has changed from what an arranged marriage was in our grandmothers’ times. Today, it is more of a mutual decision between families, than an outright arranged marriage.
I’m sure the traditional arranged marriage is still very much alive in India. It still exists in Indian culture and the younger generation are pretty okay with it too.
When people think of arranged marriages, they often think of a marketing gimmick for matrimonial sites. But it is much more than that. An arranged marriage is a serious commitment and it will stay strong in the future, too.
The idea of arranged marriage is as old as time itself. In the Indian subcontinent, they are still a popular practice, and it is only getting more popular with the passage of time.
There is no doubt about the fact that arranged marriages are here to stay…

In conclusion, be it love or arranged marriage, all that matters is the life ahead of the couple. So, as long as you stay together refusing to give up on each other, all marriages will end up being perfect…

Slave- A Poem

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My heart screams,
You have it…
My mind says.
I don’t feel it…
My heart says.
Look around…
My mind says.
My heart says.
Try hard…
My mind says.
My heart says.
My mind says.
My heart says.
Slaves of modern age…
We live…
Really, we don’t.
Slaves of life…
Enjoy a little.
Follow as it comes…
Slaves still a reality…
New forms…
One day you break free,
Door to heaven or hell…
Still a mystery…
Till then a slave…