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  • Man I saw first- A Poem.

    I saw him upside down for the first time Colorless and rough voice he carried Carried me around showing some shapes Disappears for a long time during the day Evening he shows up again Routine made me yearn for his rough voice One day my world turned upside down. I heard the same rough voice…

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  • Only Shadow Stayed with me ! – A Poem

    Forgot to smile with life Eyes don’t have tears left Mind kept throbbing inside Trying to convey in vain Death came closer as I feel Only shadow stayed with me Kept creeping in to my soul Even dreams saying bid to me Wandered alone up and down In lonely streets of life, I know Days…

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  • Move on Inner Mind shouted – A Poem

    In the midst of traffic daily I walked aimlessly without plans Abrupt thought break always shows Realized the life halted in nowhere Move on Move on inner mind shouted But where to go one ponder Everyone seems busy with nothing Don’t bother privacy play more important Modern life always has rules with no meaning Abide…

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  • Life is a puzzle -A poem

    Puzzle pieces laying around random Slowly putting them together day by day We start our journey somewhere random Not knowing where or how to solve Looking back some see the story unfolding Some don’t see the story ever Mystery everywhere for some to look back Happiness sprouts here and there to cherish One day you…

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  • Life Sprouts- A Poem

    Deep there somewhere one day Someone plants a seed in fertile land Hiding there sometime waiting to sprout Underground darkness and heart beat rhythms One day the call came and pushed us out Saw the sun and shine in our eyes Felt the wind first time on our skin Don’t know where we are and…

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