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  • Slave- A Poem

    Freedom…My heart screams,You have it…My mind says.I don’t feel it…My heart says.Look around…My mind says.Empty…My heart says.Try hard…My mind says.Enough…!My heart says.Live…My mind says.Trying…My heart says.Slaves of modern age…We live…Really, we don’t.Slaves of life…Enjoy a little.Follow as it comes…Slaves still a reality…New forms…One day you break free,Door to heaven or hell…Still a mystery…Till then a…

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  • Reset- A Natural Phenomenon

    Now 8 months in to 2020. Is world trying to reset here? I wonder sometimes. I feel like a standstill everywhere. I want to think positive here. Why we are hearing so much bad news these days? I put together a few pointers here. 1) As a human being we took granted many things nature…

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  • Move on Inner Mind shouted – A Poem

    In the midst of traffic daily I walked aimlessly without plans Abrupt thought break always shows Realized the life halted in nowhere Move on Move on inner mind shouted But where to go one ponder Everyone seems busy with nothing Don’t bother privacy play more important Modern life always has rules with no meaning Abide…

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  • An attempt to write a Poem.

    Sounds came from heaven always It was pleasant always Ignored all the time We were more important always Today sounds came from heaven It was not pleasant as always We cannot ignore anymore Time to take care of planet Nature is supreme Neglect nature to pay price Learn to live without abusing Sounds came from…

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