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  • Pain- A Poem

    Try…Experience…At least once.Love someone,To know the pain.Of existence…Of longing…Of loneliness…Love hard,To know you.Your boundaries.Judgement…It is not yours.You live with others.To write stories.To rewrite the ones…Already said many times.Mistakes create and forget,To make more mistakes.Love is poison…Pain is pure…You live to enjoy the pain.Of love and loneliness.Love an emotion…Yet to conquer…Thirst to love always linger.Pain is…

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  • Re- Birth – A Poem

    Dear bird, will you come to me with love notesWhere is my love bird to sing my heart notesWords I noted from my heart with heartbeat rhythmTears filled eyes ready to overflowMy songs and my life songs slave in painWill you fly in to me as thousand petalsTemptations flare in me alone with out restrictionsAll…

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  • Letters- A Fading Phenomena

    Nostalgic Poems Sun shined through windowsTired eyes yet energetic bodySoon the letter will come from the oneI was waiting for two weeks to readA few lines only… Yet an emotional roller-coasterMay be a distant relationship thingThese days, no one really knows the feelingOf holding that letter every two weeksYet, the reply from four weeks agoKnowing…

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  • Money and Respect with Fame= Happiness?

    The heading is not mine. I took that out from Sushant Singh Rajput’s words. The myth we as youngsters believed. I also fell for it for a long period of time during my college days. Our society we grow up in India for many reasons believe this. I don’t blame them. Those who grow up…

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  • i call her Rose- A Poem

    i call her Rose- A Poem

    #Poetry # Poem This is how I fell in love with my wife. Tried to capture our first few days of our life. Hope you guys like it.

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  • Move on Inner Mind shouted – A Poem

    In the midst of traffic daily I walked aimlessly without plans Abrupt thought break always shows Realized the life halted in nowhere Move on Move on inner mind shouted But where to go one ponder Everyone seems busy with nothing Don’t bother privacy play more important Modern life always has rules with no meaning Abide…

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  • Droplets-$0.99 Cents Book promotion

    Those who know me and are following don’t have to hear this over and over. About my book. DROPLETS. I got many author friends who told me writing is easy, but promoting that work is very hard. I agree with them now. I have not promoted my work daily. I got many advises from my…

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  • Life is a puzzle -A poem

    Puzzle pieces laying around random Slowly putting them together day by day We start our journey somewhere random Not knowing where or how to solve Looking back some see the story unfolding Some don’t see the story ever Mystery everywhere for some to look back Happiness sprouts here and there to cherish One day you…

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  • When you leave your country!!

    Two decades ago, I left my country. I am now settled and well established both career wise and personally. Beautiful family. I am proud of it. Deep inside every immigrant who are now on my stage will have the same thoughts. I like to share this, so next generation who are planning to follow my…

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  • Giving Birth does not make someone mother

    Last few days I am haunted by the news from Kerala. I am not myself. I cannot concentrate a bit. Every time I think about it, I am disappointed. I don’t know why human being these days are acting like animals. Even, I don’t know animals will behave the way some people do these days.…

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