• A Comfortable dialogue

    Blog by Aarthi Lakshmi Have you ever been very pleasantly surprised by yourself? Isn’t that kind of very nice feeling? Of course, it very much was, in my case! This is just a small story of myself that might bring a little smile in the corner of your lips. I literally was smiling all the…

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  • Money- A Poem

    A curse to mankind Happiness a fake stage of lifeHealth not a reality in lifeSafety just an illusion in lifeFuture just a hope in lifeWe live now for moneyMoney- A curse to mankindNo time for familyNo time to sit and relaxNo time to call your parentsNo time to take a breakNo time to listen to…

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  • Maya- An Illusion

    Story from India “What is Maya?”, One day Narada asked Lord Krishna. Krishna knowing Narada, he knows simple explanation will not satisfy him. He needs explanations with experience. Lord Krishna said. “Narada, walk with me. I will explain what is Maya”. They both walked for a long time. Krishna did not talk a word. Narada…

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  • Future of Arranged Marriages in India- Thoughts to Ponder!!!

    Blog by Lakshmi. What is the future of arranged marriages in India? What does the future of arranged marriage look like in India? With a younger generation becoming more and more involved in the decision making process, is the future of arranged marriage something that will be fading away?With globalization and the internet in our lives,…

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